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        Double outlet of wrought iron

        Release time:2017-06-21  Browse times:187 times

        product details
        Hydrant water outlet plug PVC pipe for irrigation of farmland,
        Hydrant water outlet plug, the price is reasonable, the use of pressure 0.4Mpa
        The outlet can be used not only as a buried underground pipe, and can also be used for irrigation, drip irrigation, irrigation water infiltration water switch plug
        Application scope: rural water pipe irrigation project
        1. the use of convenient installation
        2. high pressure and impact
        Hydrants, water for irrigation water pipeline section. Is mainly composed of a casing, water pipe, gland, screw etc.,
        Irrigation and other products of the material is divided into wrought iron welding manufacturing plastic 2PP/PE plastic aluminum sectional body styles are divided into three general iron outlet type, flange, elbow, anti-theft, disc cover type, body type, security type, size 2 inch -6 inch PP/PE plastic formula, style three, elbow type split type universal, 110mm, 125mm ABS plastic 90mm, 110mm cast iron hydrant
        Hebei Hongyuan Pipe Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
        Address: Fang Guantun village, GuShu Town,Yutian County, Tangshan, Hebei Province, China