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        PE Flange

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        PE injection of PE pipe fittings
        Polyethylene (PE) pipe national standard GB/T13663.2-2005
        PE pipe specifications 20-400mm
        PE classification: PE hot melt pipe hot melt pipe and PE pipe butt fusion
        PE, a hot melt pipe
        1. socket elbow (90 degrees, 45 degrees bend)
        2. repair section
        3. socket diameter three
        4. socket is three
        5. socket casing
        6. different diameter pipe socket
        7. socket plug
        8. socket flange
        PE socket steel wire fittings:
        Union (internal teeth loose joints, outer teeth.)
        The elbow (elbow, elbow outer tooth tooth)
        Three (three, tooth outer tooth three)
        Direct (direct, directly within the tooth outer tooth)
        Two, PE pipe butt fusion
        1. docking elbow (90 degrees, 45 degrees bend)
        2.PE water separator
        3. to take over the wall
        4. docking diameter three
        5. different diameter butt three
        6. different diameter pipe butt
        PE (flange flange, flange, flange with root diameter)
        PE valve (valve, valve)
        Performance characteristics:
        1. convenient connection, shorten the construction period, the hot melt welding
        2. light weight, convenient transportation
        3.PE hot melt pipe in strict accordance with the national standards of production, complete specifications
        4. fittings color black
        The scope of application:
        Polyethylene PE pipe fittings
        The way]:
        And the same size HDPE pipe connection.
        20-63 uses hot-melt socket type connection.
        63-110 socket and docking can.
        More than 110 of the butt welding of hot melt.
        Hot melt connection method is a good method, the utility model has the advantages of low cost, good quality, no pipeline fittings etc.. Because there are to be equipped with welding equipment, hot melt interface operation is time-consuming, the technical requirements of higher unfavorable factors.
        The main steps of butt joint with:
        First, prepare materials: flat pipes and fittings, placed on the docking machine, the cutting allowance for 10-20mm.
        Second, according to the clamping pipe welded slip selection fixture, suitable clamping pipe, ready for cutting.
        Third, cutting: cutting the pipe section and pipe end impurity and oxide layer, ensure two butt end smooth and clean and no impurities.
        Fourth, the two section: pipe end to completely on the wrong side, the smaller the better, the wrong side of the wall thickness of not more than 10%. Otherwise, will affect the quality of butt joint.
        The heating, the average temperature in the docking between 210-230 DEG C is appropriate, and don't have time heating board, with two 1-2mm in length for the end of melting.
        6, switching: the heating plate away, quickly let the two hot melt end surface sticky and pressure, to ensure the quality of butt fusion, the switching period is as short as possible.
        Sadly, the key is: melting butt welding, the docking process should always be at the melting pressure, roll edge width should be 2-4mm.
        The cooling: keep the pressure constant for docking, interface with slow cooling, cooling time to touch the edge blunt, I feel hot prevail.
        To complete the docking, cooling after Sunca Kauwa, remove the docking machine, to prepare for the next connection.
        These are the main steps of hot melt connection, hot melt connection is all the connection requirement is high, when the connection should pay attention to the following questions:
        Firstly, different materials, brand and wall thickness of pipes and fittings should not be mixed.
        In the end, connections must be kept clean, to stick some water or dirt should be cleared up.
        Third, the operator in the melt before the connection must go through rigorous training to posts.
        Fourth, in hot melt connection before the maintenance, and operation of the equipment, it can guarantee the service life of the equipment.
        The main steps of hot melt connection is inserted:
        Tools: thermostat control drills
        The welding device is installed and fixed end of the heating, the welding device placed on the shelf, according to the required heating die pipe specifications and installation corresponding to the inner six angle wrench, generally small in front.
        Second, power on
        Switch on the power (note that power must with the grounding wire), green light, red light goes out, said the welding device into automatic control, can start operation. Note: | in automatic temperature control, traffic lights will turn to light, indicating that the welding device in a controlled state, does not affect the operation.
        Third, weld pipe
        Vertical pipes are cut by cutting the tube, pipe and pipe fittings without rotating push welding device in the die, and press the table required to operate, heating time is reached immediately after the pipes and fittings from the die and removed quickly without rotating straight uniform inserted into the required depth, the joint formation of uniform flange.
        Matters needing attention
        1, the use must be handle with a grounding wire plug into the socket.
        2, in use process, hand and inflammable materials can't touch the electric melting heat part, so as to avoid accidents.
        3, non professionals are not allowed to open the safety performance of products, to prevent electric shock and damage instrument.
        4, such as red light long time does not appear to jump, it shows that the instrument has been a failure, should immediately stop work, and cut off the power.
        If you are outdoors, or in winter, should increase the heating time, and keep time. The general is the temperature of the hot melt machine set, don't change. If you want to change, according to the actual situation, gradually adjust.With a few times, a good experience.

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